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Glass interposer technology.
A sensor packaging revolution.
Clean Room Fab Vitrion for LIDE Technology
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 Glas Wafer TF 003
Paper on glass substrate for
advanced IC packaging earned
special recognition at IEEE ECTC 2020.

Vitrion -- Precision Glass Processing Service

We unlock the full potential of glass for microsystems technology

Vitrion's Laser-Induced-Deep Etching (LIDE) technology enables the economical production of deep microfeatures in technical glasses. With our production service we address customers with any production quantities. We are happy to support you with your R&D projects.

Unlock the full potential of glass for your application

Through Glass Via Substrates

Perfect through glass vias.


Advanced IC Packaging

LIDE technology paves the way for solid glass substrates to be applied in advanced packaging.

Foldable Display

Solution for foldable glass displays.

Direct Pencil Cut (DPC) for cover glass
Display Cover Glass

Pencil cuts can be created with superior efficiency.

Glass Spacer Wafer

LIDE-generated features in glass wafers boast an accuracy which is almost ten times higher than that achieved with conventional methods.


LIDE as an enabling technology makes previously inconceivable designs possible.

Your Specific Application

Utilize a new enabling technology for your specific project. We would love to hear from you.

Glass spring made by LIDE technology

This is only possible when there are no micro-cracks in the glass.

About us

Under the brand name Vitrion, a team of dedicated engineers and researchers allows you to take advantage of the latest process technology for thin glass applications while focusing on added value for your application.

The patented LIDE technology has been developed by LPKF Laser & Electronics AG, a highly specialized photonics machinery manufacturer and a leading provider of laser-driven production processes. The LIDE technology was the winner of the Productronica Innovation Award 2017.