Display Cover Glass

Direct Pencil Cutting (DPC)
for Display Cover Glasses.

Display Cover Glass Processing

Perfect pencil cuts and free-form holes

Cover glass materials can benefit from various glass edge treatments. Each has a specific impact on the overall functionality and performance of the finished part. Utilizing the innovative LIDE technology, especially pencil cuts can be created with superior efficiency.

Direct Pencil Cutting (DPC): A new solution for display cover glass

LIDE technology can help to improve safety, looks, functionality and cleanliness while improving dimensional tolerance and preventing breakage. The pencil cut is used to create a slightly rounded edge. "Pencil" refers to the edge radius similar to a pencil or C-shape.

Save process steps for pencil profiles with LIDE technology

Conventional process flow for cuts

"Direct Pencil Cut (DPC)" by LIDE technology

With LIDE it now becomes possible to have perfect, defect-free edges and structures with less process steps.