Clean Room Fab Starts Operation

Comprehensive service for manufacturing glass microstructure components

Press Release

Garbsen, 4 December 2020 – Yesterday, technology company LPKF has opened and started production in their newly built clean room fab for manufacturing glass components at the company's headquarters in Garbsen.

In the LIDE fab, thin-glass components are manufactured for electronics and semiconductor industry applications. With the proprietary LIDE (Laser Induced Deep Etching) technology developed by LPKF, it is possible to process thin glass quickly, precisely and without any surface damage such as micro cracks, so that the physical stability of the glass remains fully intact. This technology enables the use of glass as a material for manufacturing microsystems, sensors, display components, and microchips.

Roman Ostholt, Managing Director of the Electronics business unit, and his team are now able to both deepen and expand LPKF’s cooperation with customers and partners from the semiconductor and electronics industries: "In our LIDE fab, we can now quickly and efficiently produce thin-glass components and micro-components in large quantities, and deliver them to our customers worldwide.” In addition to the sale of its systems, this is a significant expansion of LPKF's business model.

For CEO Goetz M. Bendele, this project illustrates LPKF's innovation strength and customer orientation: "Our LIDE fab enables easy access to our technology for a broad set of customers across industries, who from today can order structured thin glass components from LPKF for their high-volume applications. In doing so, they can quickly realize substantial value from our transformative platform technology, without the need to invest in both systems and process capabilities. This drives our customers’ competitive advantage.”


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