More Significance for your Test

PicoWell Glass Arrays

More Significance for your Test

PicoWell Glass Arrays

High Definition PicoWell Glass Arrays

Enhancing the significance of your analysis

The standard today: spotting on flat glass surfaces

Benefits of spotting on PicoWell glass arrays:

  • Physical barrier surpresses coalescences of droplets at close distance - maximizes the utilization of available area, increased information density (more experiments on single chip!)
  • At same volume of droplet a longer optical path provides higher contrast - higher sensitivity (lower detection limits), better reliablity of results
  • Printing / jetting in PicoWells reduces splashes and cross-contamination of neighboring samples
  • Less surface - less evaporation

LIDE PicoWells

All Dimensions can be adapted to your needs.


  • Glass Thickness: 0.4 mm
  • Outer Dimension: 26x76 mm²
  • PicoWell Diameter*: 50 µm
  • PicoWell Volume*: 28 pl
  • PicoWell Pitch: 200 µm
  • #of Arrays: 5x12

*Nominal value

Coatings on request




Brochure LIDE PicoWell Glass Arrays
PicoWell Glass Arrays (pdf - 223,43 KB)


LIDE is a high throughput technology which allows us to offer high quality glass substrates at an appealing price point. Let us convince you.