General Terms and Conditions of Use of this Website

LPKF Laser & Electronics SE

LPKF Laser & Electronics SE welcomes you to this website and is grateful for your interest in its services. In collecting, using and processing personal and non-personal data of users of this website, LPKF Laser & Electronics SE observes the applicable provisions of data protection law, as well as the LPKF Laser & Electronics SE Data Protection Principles.

LPKF Laser & Electronics SE reserves the right to make sections of its website accessible only to registered and approved users. Claims for approval are expressly excluded. The below General Terms and Conditions of Use apply exclusively for the access to and use of such parts of our website for which such registration is not necessary. By using this website the application of these General Terms and Conditions of Use in its respective version is accepted.

I. Website Content/Liability

  1. LPKF Laser & Electronics SE provides extensive information, documents and software on this website for simple viewing or download.
    LPKF Laser & Electronics SE has compiled the information contained on this website with utmost care and endeavors to routinely inspect and update such information. Nevertheless, LPKF Laser & Electronics SE can assume no liability for the timeliness, accuracy, completeness, ongoing availability or quality of information provided free of charge.
    LPKF Laser & Electronics SE expressly reserves the right to modify, supplement, shorten, delete or suspend publication, temporarily or permanently, of sections of this website or its entire services at any time without separate notice. No guarantee is assumed for the uninterrupted availability of the LPKF Laser & Electronics SE website.
  2. LPKF Laser & Electronics SE does not guarantee that contents of this website are suitable for the user and its purposes. LPKF Laser & Electronics SE will give binding information, advice, recommendations and declarations only subject to individual communication.
  3. Insofar as LPKF Laser & Electronics SE provides information and services free of charge and without separate registration, liability for any damage resulting from the use or non-use of the information presented is excluded, except if such damage is based on intentional or grossly negligent behavior of the members of its board of directors or executives. This exclusion of liability shall not apply to the mandatory liability due to the violation of material contractual duties, for injuries to life, limb or health and with respect to liability in accordance with the German Product Liability Act. Damages in the event of the violation of material contractual duties shall be limited to typical and foreseeable damages.
  4. The information on this LPKF Laser & Electronics SE website may contain specifications or general descriptions, technical options for products or services which may not be present in each individual case (e.g. due to product changes or improvements). Therefore, users are requested to stipulate the desired performance characteristics of products upon purchase.


II. Copyright

  1. The content, design and structure of this website are protected by copyright law. LPKF Laser & Electronics SE shall grant the user a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the information, software and documentation provided on this website to the extent stipulated, or, in the event an agreement does not exist, in accordance with the purpose of the provision thereof by LPKF Laser & Electronics SE.
  2. The information, texts and image materials provided by LPKF Laser & Electronics SE are intended only for individual access by the user of this website and may not be duplicated or used for commercial purposes without the written consent of LPKF Laser & Electronics SE.
  3. Texts, images, tone documents, animations and video sequences, as well as the arrangement thereof on this website, shall be subject to the protection of copyrights and other proprietary laws. LPKF Laser & Electronics SE hereby reserves all rights to such information for self-created objects.
  4. The complete or partial reproduction, dissemination, exploitation, transmission, modification or use of information or other content of this website (electronically or otherwise) for public or commercial purposes without the prior written consent of LPKF Laser & Electronics SE shall be prohibited. This shall particularly apply to marks and trademarks, type labels, corporate logos and emblems of LPKF Laser & Electronics SE.
  5. In particular, by this website no license shall be issued and no other rights of any kind to use the intellectual property of LPKF Laser & Electronics SE or third parties shall be granted other than the rights of use which are expressly granted herein, nor shall LPKF Laser & Electronics SE be obligated to grant such rights.


III. Duties of the User

When using the website of LPKF Laser & Electronics SE, the user may not

  • cause damage to other persons or violate their personal rights;
  • engage in conduct in violation of general customs and morals;
  • infringe on industrial property rights, copyrights or other proprietary rights;
  • transmit content with viruses, "Trojan horses" or other programs which may damage software;
  • enter, store or send links or content without authorization, particularly if such links or content violate confidentiality obligations or are unlawful; or
  • disseminate advertisements or unsolicited emails ("spam") or inaccurate warnings of viruses, malfunctions, etc. or request participation in games of chance and comparable actions.

LPKF Laser & Electronics SE may block access to its website at any time, particularly in the event the user violates its duties under these General Terms and Conditions.

IV. Other Liability, Viruses

  1. Although LPKF Laser & Electronics SE is constantly endeavoring to keep its website free of viruses, no guarantee may be assumed in that regard. Prior to downloading information, software or documentation, the user therefore is advised to obtain adequate security mechanisms and virus scanners for its own protection and in order to prevent viruses on the website of LPKF Laser & Electronics SE.
  2. The provisions in IV.1 shall not change the burden of proof to the detriment of the user.


V. Collateral Agreements, Severability, Place of Jurisdiction, Choice of Law

  1. Collateral agreements to these General Terms and Conditions of use shall require written form.
  2. If a provision of these terms and conditions should be or become partly or wholly void, the remaining conditions will continue to apply. The parties are bound to replace the void provision or the void part of the provision by a legally valid arrangement, which comes as close as possible to the commercial meaning and purpose of the void provision or void part of the provision.
  3. The information on this website has been compiled based on German law. Access to its services from areas outside of Germany was not given separate consideration by LPKF Laser & Electronics SE as part of its legal review. No liability is assumed if the information on this website is not suitable, usable or legally permissible for users from other countries, or if such information may not be viewed or downloaded in such countries. In the event users outside of Germany access the LPKF Laser & Electronics SE website, such users shall be exclusively responsible for complying with applicable provisions of the law of the relevant country.
  4. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these General Terms and Conditions of Use shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts competent for Hanover (Germany), in the event the user is a "businessman" in terms of German commercial law. However, LPKF Laser & Electronics SE shall be entitled to also bring suit against the user at the user’s registered office.
  5. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply exclusively, to the exclusion of the U.N. Convention on the Sale of Goods.