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Introducing LIDE based Innovation

Working with Vitrion

Full-Service Provider Around our New LIDE Technology

We support you in every phase of your LIDE based innovation

Learn about LIDE Technology

We share information on LIDE technology and its applications on this website. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Get your hands on it

Nothing is more convincing than a physical sample in hand. We offer FREE-OF-CHARGE samples for customers who registered at My Vitrion.

Let us discuss about your ideas

We understand that you will want to have an NDA in place before sending us your designs. You can find our mutual NDA here: NDA. We will return our NDA signed within a week.

See your ideas becoming reality

LIDE is a brand-new microsystems technology. We support you when it comes to design to LIDE manufacturing. Furthermore, we offer low volume LIDE manufacturing for your R&D and qualification projects.

Ramp up

We are committed to offer you a world class specialized glass foundry service for every requested volumes. Please get in contact with us in case you want to learn more on our expansion plans and price scales for volume orders.