Capping Wafer made by LIDE

Glass Cavities with
Steep Sidewalls

Glass Capping Wafer

Enabling higher densities in Wafer Level Packaging by glass cavities with steep side walls.

Today, glass capping wafers are preliminary manufactured by masked etching. Due to the isotropic etching characteristic of glass the mask openings are underetched at the same speed as the cavity grows in depth. Consequently, cavities made by masked isotropic etching feature a fillet with a radius which equals the depth of the cavity. This limits the minimum device pitch in Wafer Level Packaging and the yield per wafer.

In contrast to masked istropic glass etching LIDE technology is capable to create anisotrop micro-features in glass and cavities with steep sidewalls become possible.

Glass Wafer

  • Glass Thickness: <1 mm
  • Cavity Depth: >0.3 mm
  • Positional Accuracy: +-5 µm
  • Side Wall Angle: 1° to 7° (depending on glass type)
  • Roughness of Bottom Surface: Ra0,5 µm
  • Possible Aspect Ratio >1:1
  • Substrate Size: All standard wafer sizes up to 450 mm and panels up to 510x510 mm²


Vitrion Capping Wafer (PDF - 330,71 KB)


LIDE is a high throughput technology which allows us to offer high quality glass substrates at an appealing price point. Let us convince you.