Glass Embedding Wafer

Next Level Advanced Packaging

Polymers play a vital role in modern electronics packaging schemes. But they also have their limitation. LIDE processed glass can help to overcome these issues.

  • Limited die shift especially
  • Passive die alignment for lowest die position inaccuracies
  • Lower warpage due to high Young's modulus of glass
  • Can be combined with Through Glass Vias and Integrated Passives
  • Can readily be scaled to panel-level-manufacturing

Glass Wafer

  • Glass Thickness: <0.9 mm
  • Minimum aperture: 10 µm (round)
  • Positional accuracy: +-5 µm
  • Taper Angle: 1° to 7° (depending on glass type)
  • Chipping: None
  • Microcracks: None
  • Substrate Size and Format: All standard wafer sizes up to 450 mm and glass panels up to 510x510 mm²


Glass Embedding Wafer (PDF - 212,36 KB)


LIDE is a high throughput technology which allows us to offer high quality glass substrates at an appealing price point. Let us convince you.